Thursday, January 17, 2013

Virginia photos are up!

There aren't too many photos from the end of our hike (we were only on trail there for a week, after all), but at least you can see what a nice surprise the Virginia terrain was compared to Maine! To get to the photos, click on the slideshow to the right of this page--that gives you access to all of our albums.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

To future adventures!

Well, it's sure been a while since we've posted! I definitely need to apologize for that, since we never posted our last-one-week-attempt-to-restart-before-Andy-rebroke-his-foot photos. So I'll get on that. Virginia in the fall was beautiful, and it still felt like early fall. By jumping forward to the lower part of Virginia, we actually wound up near the lead of southbounders (definitely not where we would have been if we hadn't had to get off the trail in Maine) and would have been on track to finish the trail before Thanksgiving. That's not accounting, of course, for Hurricane Sandy.  Unfortunately many of our fellow hikers ended up having to also leave the trail not long after as the hurricane struck the east coast and, shortly after, winter weather starting setting in.

In any case, I'm actually posting because we're starting up a slightly different site and I'm hoping you'll check it out and give some feedback. It's still about backpacking/hiking/camping, but a little more organized and a little less blog-like. As I've gone back and read through some of our posts, I realized 1) how much we had learned about backpacking that hadn't been mentioned and 2) how difficult it is to find useful information in most blogs without reading through every post (or use a sometimes frustrating search bar). Plus this whole site-making/blogging/sharing-stories-and-photos experience has been so fun that it would be hard to wait until another major hiking adventure to do it all again. And we'll have to wait a while, since winter in the Colorado Rockies (and the mud season that follows) will make many trails difficult to access until sometime in June. Gah, right?

Anyhow, here's the website (extra large so even if you're skimming you can't miss it):

It's very much under construction (most links say 'coming soon'), so bookmark it and be sure to check back for updates! And of course feel free to give us feedback/let us know if links aren't working/etc. Hope you like it! Thanks! :)