Sunday, May 20, 2012

Banzai Trail 4 of 4

This is the last in the series. Near the end of the movie, it will seem to get a little choppy. At the end of the hike Scotty thought he might have been running out of memory and decided to switch from taking videos to taking pictures on a 2 second interval. Also keep in mind that it took us an hour and a half to get from Bright Angel Campground to the Utah Flats, and about an hour to get back. These videos seriously abbreviate what our experience, but they're good for the basic idea. I truly recommend taking this trail, but make sure your in good physical form and carry tons of water.

Oh and...
It's really a shame that Scotty didn't make any of the footage because of his attire. Nobody managed to get a picture, but I'll do my best to describe it. Hiking down and into the canyon, Scotty and Jeremy each had two 32 oz gatorades, and Jess and I had one each. We also found a big plastic water bottle and another 32 oz gatorade bottle up on the Flats. On our way back to the rim from camp, they were all empty, so Scotty decided to puncture the eight of them and string them onto the back of his pack. It truly looked like he was a gatorade hunter displaying his trophies. That or he was making wings out of gatorade bottles. Either way, the whole way out we were trying to get him to tell people he was sponsored by gatorade, or just didn't drink water. Hilarious.

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