Thursday, June 28, 2012

Almost to the middle

Were here sitting at White House Landing, a hiker hostel almost halfway through the wilderness. To say the least the first part of this hike has been a lot more challenging than we originally thought. Our next post will be a lengthy one and were planning on getting that done in Monson when we arrive in about six days.

In short, though, Katahdin is a butt-kicking mountain and we've had almost nothing but rain which I've been wishing we could send to Colorado to help with all the fires. We sure don't need it here, all the water levels are above high-flow and the trail has been mostly flooded and very swampy. We had to stop here last night after hiking with wet feet the past few days.

But were doing well, morale is high and the hardest part of the AT is behind us. We have lots of details to post but its almost lunch time here, then were getting on a boat to get back to the trail. Monson here we come...


  1. So glad I checked the Blog today! Happy you have had rain and not fires. Would LOVE to have your rain! The fires have been devastating here. Have confirmed delivery of boxes 1 & 2, hope you're hungry :) There might even be the start of an ice cream fund....
    Stay safe! Be dry! Send rain!

  2. You go guys!!! We gave up after the Katahdin hike. It kicked our butt too. We barely made it to the tree line and then the rains started. We turned away and made our slow painful way down.
    We are following your hike. I cannot believe you are trudging through this wetness!!
    Good luck, Your friends from the AT Lodge, Trail Blazer & Pokie Okie