Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Starting Logistics

I can’t pretend to have all the answers (yet…), but here are two questions I did quite a bit of research on:

1) How the heck does one get to this Katahdin place to start the hike?
Well, it’s surprisingly difficult to hunt this one down before you buy your trail guide (we got AWOL’s AT Guide, but the AT Conservancy makes one too). For those like us who can’t feasibly be driven and dropped off, here’s what you can do:

Day 1: Flight In
·         Flight arrives in Bangor (US Airways)
·         Bus leaves for Medway (Cyr Bus Lines) –$11.50/person
o   Contact: Toll Free: (800) 244-2335; Local: (207) 827-2335 
o   Bus Stop @ Concord Coach Lines - Bangor Transportation Center, 1039 Union Street (1.5 miles from Bangor Airport—you walk there)
·         Bus arrives at Medway/Irving
o   Pickup by/to Appalachian Trail Lodge*, Millinocket, ME
§  Contact (Paul): ATLodge.com
§  Shuttle Medway to Lodge= $15 total (less if more people)
§  Private room w/ shared bath= $55
*There are other options for places to stay, but this is what we chose

Day 2: Katahdin
·         6:30: Shuttle from AT Lodge to Katahdin Stream Campground = $48 total (less if more people)
·         7:30: Arrive @ KSC
o   Sign in/pick up day-packs @ KSC ranger’s station
§  Contact (Baxter): (207) 723-5140
o   Go up Hunt Trail (or Abol Trail if ride to start), come down Hunt Trail
·         Camping reservations @ KSC (tent site)
o   Reserve by mail in advance: http://www.baxterstateparkauthority.com/reservation/

2) How do you carry enough food to get through the 100 Mile Wilderness?
One of the things (I’ve heard) that can add challenge to a southbound hike is that your first week or so is in the 100 Mile Wilderness with no access to towns. If we can manage to average 15 miles/day, we’ll be able to hike into Monson, at the southern end of the Wilderness, on the morning of the 8th day. But we wanted to have enough food for 9 days to give some wiggle room. And even with all dehydrated/dry foods, this stuff is HEAVY! In any case, I found three resupply options…
  • AT Lodge (drop-off at Jo-Mary Road)
  • 100 Mile Wilderness Adventurers and Outfitters (drop-off at Jo-Mary Road)
  • White House Landing (hostel & store)

White House Landing was beyond our budget (especially for just starting a hike), but the re-supplies are pretty reasonable—especially if you’re staying at their hostel, too.

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  1. Awesome! Will be taking advantage of this next year. Thanks for the work.